Sec | Our Story

The story of Surf Every Corner  SEC is a cooperation of 2 people, Steven Albrecht and Kim Berckmoes, who have completely different backgrounds. Steven is a graphic designer, artist and musician from the Antwerp area. The other half, Kim, spent most of his life by the Ostend seaside and has been active around the surfscene since he was 14 years old. In 2013 the brand was founded by Kim and spreads its name trough the surf and SUP scene. So in 2018 Steven joined and created the new logo and the ability to go bigger. Although we are very different, there has always been a match, a kind of ying and yang feeling. The intention of our brand is to use ecological clothing, to design and print in Belgium and remain affordable for young people. 

Welcome and join us to surf every corner. 

Steven and Kim