Slide Surfskate | Swallow 33″ Wahine

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One of the biggest of the Slide crew, the Swallow 33″ is focused on longboarders and riders that would rather have extra volume under their feet. The Swallow allows you to practice wide turns, move and dance they same way you do it surfing with your longboard. The Swallow is the perfect model for bigger sized riders and for those who are more comfortable with wider shapes.

The Wahine is the biggest model of the new collection of Slide. Its shape is inspired by the classic longboards from California. The Wahine is a bullet: Wide, stable and easy to turn at the same time.

The new Slide truck has now a covered spring to avoid dirt and dust on the inside of the truck. This new truck makes Slide a perfect tool to learn how to surf or to improve your surfing skills. Thanks to its dimensions, this board is the most stable of the family and you will experiment the same feelings you have surfing with your longboard.

The Wahine with the new optimized Slide truck is one of the most affordable way to introduce yourself into the surskate world. You will also love this board if you are an advanced surfer, as its smooth kicktail will allow you to try more radical turns.

With its straight angled wheels that will increase even more the stability on your turns, you will be able to make powerful turns without sliding.


Great for surfing the streets and downhill carving.

Recommended for riders between 160-183cm, and a weight between 55 – 95kg.(rough numbers).